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Section 1: Establishment of Committees. The Board may create committees. The Board President shall appoint and outline the duties and objectives of each committee and shall appoint the Chair of each committee. The Chair of each committee shall appoint such members of the Corporation as s/he 6 desires to be members of the respective committee/s. The President shall serve as ex-officio member of each committee approved by the Board.

Section 2: Term of Office. Each member of a committee shall continue to serve on the committee until the next annual meeting of the Corporation or until the committee is terminated.

Section 3: Special Committees. (Deleted) Section 3: Executive Committee. The officers of the Board of Directors shall serve as the Executive Committee.

Section 3.1: The Executive Committee may exercise all the powers of the Board during intervals between the meetings of the Board except as to such matters as require a vote by the Board.

Section 3.2: The Executive Committee may establish its own procedures provided the procedures are not in conflict with the By-Laws of the Corporation and have been approved by the Board.

Section 3.3: Executive Committee members may be designated and authorized to sign checks, drafts, notes, and orders for payment of money. The Board of Directors shall authorize any and all funds prior to disbursement of funds.