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Presidents of the District 2-E2 Lions Organ & Eye Bank since 1970.


LOEB - On April 26, 1970; sixteen Lions of District 2-E2 met at the Hurst Lions Club Building for the purpose of establishing an Organ & Eye Bank.

Originally the Lions of 2-E2 would transport tissue, and took doctors & enucleates to donor locations. Some Lions learned to enucleate donors. Soon the growth of the Eye Bank cialis 20mg expanded beyond the small space at Carter Blood Center. We then moved in with the Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office.

As the FDA and EBAA (Eye Bank Association of America) regulations changed, it became a necessity to have a paid, trained staff in order to reduce legal liabilities.

In March of 2000, the directors outsourced activities to UTSW Transplant Services. Lions of Districts 2-X1 and 2-E2 were partnered with Transplant Services. This gave us the ability to combine resources, service a larger area, and lower the cost to recipients. Since then, Lions of District 2-X2 and 2-E1 have joined this group; The Quad District. Your Eye Bank is always looking for ways to provide additional resources to the clubs in our district.