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Mobile Vision Unit

To use the Lions Organ & Eye Bank (LOEB) Mobile Vision Unit (MVU) at a local event, follow these procedures:

1. Contact any Director of the LOEB with a date you would like to use the MVU, minimum 30 days prior to the event, preferably 2 months before.

2.Arrange for a Doctor to perform exams, 2 Doctors is better. Verify with the LOEB 2 weeks before the event.

3. If a Doctor will not be present, only screenings will be performed. Notify the LOEB of such 2 weeks before the event. Let the LOEB know if you have people in your club who are qualified to do screenings.

4. If no Doctor, just screenings, arrange for a Doctor to do free or reduced price exams later for those who are found to have problems.

5. You must have a plan in place for those with children who fail screenings.

6. Your club must approve in advance how many pairs of glasses it will pay for. Order the glasses from one of the resources shown on the Indigent Page. Your club is responsible for setting up an account and picking up the glasses and paying for them. Have vouchers on hand at the event.

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