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Vision Assistance

I. Vision Assistance Protocol:

A. The Committee is made aware of a possible need for assistance.

B. The applicant shall be assisted in finding a sponsor from a local Lions Club. The club shall also be encouraged to assist and be an advocate for the applicant. (See No. 5 below.)

C. An application for assistance is filed with the LOEB to inform the Committee. 

D. The Committee questions are clarified via email or meeting. 

E. Determination of who (hopefully a Lion's member or agent familiar with the Lions Programs) will be responsible for guiding the candidate through his/her Medical journey. This person may be the sponsoring Lion. This guide will be the fiduciary guard of all donated funds from the Vision Assistance Committee. Checks must be written to Institutions/Medical Providers, not to individuals.  

F. The Committee votes on a donation if funds are available. 

G. The guide is provided a list of possible agencies/doctors/institutions that should be contacted about aid and/or reduced fees. These may include, but are not limited to facilities in Tarrant County:  

1. Community Eye Clinic 

2. Cornerstone

3. John Peter Smith Hospital 

4. Lighthouse for the Blind

H. The Guide follows up with the Vision Assistance Committee on the progress of the patient and returns all unused funds on or before the one year anniversary of the request.