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Vision Screen Certification

Lions can provide a very important educational service in our communities by conducting vision screenings for children and adults. Our role at these events is to:

  • Educate parents, guardian and adults about the importance of proper vision care. This includes the need to have routine vision screenings and eye exams that identify both vision problems and ocular health issues.
  • Provide a free vision screening service to children and adults that identifies risk factors and the need for a thorough eye exam by a medical provider (ophthalmologist, optometrist).
  • Direct patients to local service providers for eye exams and glasses.

Our screening service is not intended to replace the use of a medical professional or to diagnose ocular conditions that we may observe. Only a trained, licensed medical provider can provide a complete eye exam.

In our role of vision screener the Lions must have a solid understanding of the issues that can affect a person’s vision including basic optics, some understanding of the anatomy of the eye, ocular diseases (glaucoma, conjunctivitis, infection, etc.) and common vision problems (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, etc).

Lions in District 2E2 can complete a Vision Screening Certification program provided by a member of the Lions Organ and Eye Bank, Prevent Blindness of Texas or from one of our equipment representatives.

Only “certified vision screeners” can provide screening at District 2E2 Lions events. Any Lion can, however, assist with patient registration, and support at these events even if they are not certified.

Certification will normally last three years and will need to be repeated to keep current on equipment and refresh on the steps involved in screening.

Vision screening certification will be offered several times a year at various locations in our district. The children and adult programs will typically take 2 ½ hours each to complete. A certificate of completion will be provided to those that have completed the process.

Requests for vision screening certification will be directed to the LOEB Board for coordination.