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Vision Screen Logistics


Room Set-up tips


It is important to have a room that is both relatively quiet and has low light to get the best results for the screening. Have a registration table set-up outside of the screening room with chairs so that the forms can be completed. It is highly recommended that all forms be printed carefully by the parent or the Lion Club members.


Have a poster or banner to identify the event and the Lions. The Lions working on the Registration Table do not need to be certified, however, they should explain what service will be provided.


It is recommended that chairs are stacked for short children. The Lion can sit across from them on another chair or squat down without a chair. Do not use a table between the child and the screener. Have a table set-up with additional forms and for brochures for parents on children vision health. These are available through PBT or the LOEB.

Organize your screening team into four (4) groups:


1. Registration. Fill in the forms and explain the process. At large events, some members will go

out to encourage parents to come in for a screening.


2. Children Assistance. These Lions walk the children and parents over to the screening area and explain the process.


3. Screeners. These are Lions that are certified to use the equipment.


4. Parent discussion. They speak with the parents about the screening results. This is an important step to encourage parents to seek medical assistance if the screening indicates a vision issue.