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Vision Screen Logistics


Scheduling and Communicating a Vision Screening


Elementary Schools conduct a vision screening once every two years for each child. This leaves a gap for some children that experience vision problems or are new to the school district. Contact the District Offices, Health Services Department, and speak with the local director on ways to conduct a screening for a school during their class hours. Contact your schools several months in advance to verify if a background check needs to be made for the vision screeners.

Health Clinics. Many local hospitals and city offices will conduct a Health Fair during the year. Contact

the local Community Services Department to see if one is planned in your area.


Conduct a Lions Club Sponsored Vision Screening Event. The best results are when we partner our activities with other health care programs. This can be a stand-alone event or part of a local Club annual fund raising or community service activity. Posters, local advertising, coordination with the schools and churches helps get the word out. Take time to plan the event.

Local Community Assistance Groups. Often, local community assistance groups will conduct health programs in their community. Contact the local community assistance programs. This service may also apply to local churches.