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Vision Screen Logistics


Keep District Records


There are a number of records that each club should keep regarding this service and their efforts in the community. These include:

    • Annual Service Hours. Each club should track how many “Lions Service Hours” are used to conduct local community service events and support. This can be very important when your club approaches local organizations for funding and grants. It is also a measurable part of the service that we can provide. Our greatest resource is the number of people that we can bring to an event.

    • Track the number of vision screenings competed annually. Communicate the results of your screenings with the LOEB.

    • Report the number of students screened.

    • Track the names of the Lions that have been certified to conduct children (and adult) vision screening. This is important too when you approach organizations to explain the support you can provide. Only certified screeners are authorized to use the Plusoptix ® or other auto

      refractors provided by the 2E2 District, LOEB or Prevent Blindness.

    • Provide an update to the LOEB so that we can track the service we do across the 2E2 District.